I Wrote This Song On Napkins

from by I Am The Only

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I'll start my day at breakfast tables, sleepy eyed from nine 'til three
My doctor says I'm in perfect health, but my brother don't agree
He says that I should eat less shit, I tell him he should read
But at night he's sleeping soundly, while I can barely breathe
My mother she's a dealer, but she works under the law
She'll tally up my points and then evaluate my flaws
While my father's in the garden, killing slugs I'd tried to save
Nine years have passed since I saw him cry and decided to behave

My teachers swore they won't forget me, but I doubt that it's true
Twenty years in the same job, good luck if they remember you
And my girlfriend swears she's leaving, can't wait to ditch this town
Says she hates a good friend of mine and, fuck, it brings me down
But to be honest I'm surviving
And I'm trying my best to keep my head above this water that's been rising past my chest
See I wrote this song on napkins, first with ink and then with lead
Making money in a cafe for an industry long dead

There's nothing that I'm more proud of
Than the words I've learned to say
Though at times it's not that easy, but I will sing my problems away

See I've got this friend named Hollie, who's not happy with her place
While Fionn's back to his old self, with a smile on his pretty face
Niamh fears she's been left out, and Rory's staying strong
Paul and Cathleen are still much in love, while Callum just wants a song

The faces get more seldom, but I need to grab hold
To the figures that still mean the world, from now until I'm old
Cos one day I will be falling, lucklessly, without a rope
So gather friends, cos what will save me will be you


from Wander (2010​-​2013), released July 27, 2015



all rights reserved


I Am The Only Dublin, Ireland

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